Drick mjöd hos Aifur Krog & Bar

An evening at Aifur

For those of you who has not yet visited us, this is somewhat a premonition of what you might experience at Aifur, most welcome to visit us soon! To our beloved guests who has already been here, is this a bit like you remember your evening with us? A big thanks to Cheyenne Olander and Björn Falkevik for filming and producing this, and thus helping us to spread the magic of Aifur! Thank you Faun for being so kind to let us use your music in the film.#aifur #vikings #oldtown #ourhistory #history #mead #food #wine #beer #faun #sweden #stockholm #gamlastan #socialvideo

Opslået af Aifur Krog & Bar på 15. februar 2017

Befinner du dig i Stockholm och vill dricka mjöd är Aifur Krog & Bar rätt ställe att besöka. Här är en film från en kväll på Aifur.


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